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Aikido online classes


Spanish Classes in Ki Aikido Buenos Aires

Zoom Classes: Saturdays 09:00 to 10:30 hours (Buenos Aires time).


We will study articles written and seminars held by Doshu Yoshigasaki.

You are welcome to participate in every class, they are free.

You just need to ask the link to participate by Whatsapp +54911 6911-3055

On-site Seminar:


For more information you can send a message by Whatsapp:+54911 6911-3055,

Write to Sensei Norberto Kiman by email or visit or website:




Aikido with Michael / toitsu.dk

international online class in English.

After appointment.



Misogi and Breath Education Practice

Naduir Dojo, Galway, Ireland

Online Class opened for everybody who wants to explore deeper into their breath.

April date: Sunday 18th April (after that regular on the second Sunday of every month.)

Time: 9.00 am CET

Duration 1h 30 min

contact Josef Steiner and I will forward you the Zoom log in for the event

josef.bcst@gmail.com / http://bit.ly/MISOGIandBREATH


Heike / Dojo am Fluss e.V.

Monday 19:45 - 21:15  about and around 5th Kyu

Wednesday 19:45 - 21:15  Bokken Keiko

Friday 20:15 - 21:15  exploring Aiki movement, the power, direction and flow.


Silent Misogi online meeting

Usually at the first sunday of a month from 10 to 11 (MEZ) there is a meeting of people practicing silent misogi via zoom.

You are very welcome to join. For zoom link and further information please send email to Heike: aikido@dojo-am-fluss.de

Next meeting: October 17th.


Ki & Aikido Dojo Berlin with Sigrid Buck

We happily welcome you to our online training!

- Wednesday, 19:15 - 21:00 (might change to Tuesday after Easter)

We usually start with Kenko Taiso, breathing, Hitori Waza, stretching and some non-Aikido fitness exercises (to compensate the missing exercising elements of on-the-mat Aikido practice). Then we practice some Aikido – with a focus on refreshing examination programs and Tsuzukiwaza.

For further info and the link, contact Lilly: dojo@ki-aikido-berlin.de

United Kingdom

British Ki Society

Zoom classes:

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7 pm UK time and runs for 90 minutes (8pm European Time)

Each class starts with 30 minutes of Kenkotaiso/Seizaho/Seitaiho/Aikitaiso. Feel free to just practise this and leave if you do not want to do the Aikido

Contact Jayesh Karadia. london@knk.org.uk