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Aikido online classes


Online Aikido in Ki Aikido Buenos Aires:

During April will start again our zoom Ki Aikido classes.

Classes are in Spanish.

Every Saturday 16:00 to 18:00 hours (Buenos Aires time).

We have two parts of the class:

Beginners: we study articles or videos related with Hitori and Kumi Waza.

Advanced: we study articles written by Doshu.

You are welcome to participate in every class, they are free.

You just need to ask the link to participate by WhatsApp: +54911 6911-3055

For more information you can send a message by WhatsApp,

Write to Sensei Norberto Kiman by email / Or just visit our dojo web site:

Ki-Aikido Buenos Aires /Noberto Kiman


Aikido with Michael / toitsu.dk

international online class in English.

Time: Saturday April 10. at 12-13 (Copenhagen time)




Misogi and Breath Education Practice

Naduir Dojo, Galway, Ireland

Online Class opened for everybody who wants to explore deeper into their breath.

April date: Sunday 18th April (after that regular on the second Sunday of every month.)

Time: 9.00 am CET

Duration 1h 30 min

contact Josef Steiner and I will forward you the Zoom log in for the event

josef.bcst@gmail.com / http://bit.ly/MISOGIandBREATH


Online Aikido by Markus Schein, Ki & Aikido Dojo Kassel e.v.

each thursday from 8 til 9.15pm


Online Aikido Dojo infinity moves e.V.

Aikido Tuesdays, 19:30 - 20:45h, teacher Iris, in english if foreign people join

Ki Keiko class, Saturdays, 10 -11h, teacher Raymond, always in english

if you like joining, please write to:


Silent Misogi online meeting

Usually at the first sunday of a month from 10 to 11 (MEZ) there is a meeting of people practicing silent misogi via zoom.

You are very welcome to join. For zoom link and further information please send email to Heike: aikido@dojo-am-fluss.de


Online Aikido Ki & Aikido Dojo Berlin with Sigrid Buck

We happily welcome you to our online training!

- Wednesday, 19:15 - 21:00 (might change to Tuesday after Easter)

We usually start with Kenko Taiso, breathing, Hitori Waza, stretching and some non-Aikido fitness exercises (to compensate the missing exercising elements of on-the-mat Aikido practice). Then we practice some Aikido – with a focus on refreshing examination programs and Tsuzukiwaza.

For further info and the link, contact Lilly: dojo@ki-aikido-berlin.de

United Kingdom

British Ki Society

Zoom classes:

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7 pm UK time and runs for 90 minutes (8pm European Time)

Each class starts with 30 minutes of Kenkotaiso/Seizaho/Seitaiho/Aikitaiso. Feel free to just practise this and leave if you do not want to do the Aikido

Contact Jayesh Karadia. london@knk.org.uk